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Throughout history, mankind has had a need for security. In the past, with no police department, every person had only the protection of a club or later a sword, etc. Later, even after the arrival of police forces around the world, a call to the police came only after the commission of a crime. Even today, the actual fact is that the police can only be available after a crime has been committed. That offers cold comfort for those who lose valuables or worse, lose a loved one. While a person may legally keep a weapon in the home, common sense requires that it be stored unloaded and in a safe place where it’s not accessible to children.

An even greater problem in that owners suffer greater loss, is in the field of business. Shopping malls, strip malls and of course warehouses and other businesses need more than the security of locks and alarm systems; They’ll need security guard services such as that provided by Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Mobile, Alabama is about as safe as any large city and the police department is always on patrol, but it’s impossible to station a police officer at every possible location where a crime might occur.

Why Companies Hire Security Guards in Mobile, AL

Security guard companies in Mobile, AL offer anything from night watchmen to armed patrolmen who are fully licensed. Often an alert security guard can be on the scene long before a municipal peace officer even knows of a crime.

security guards in Mobile, ALNormally when we call the police to report a crime, unless it’s a case of murder, a call to a patrol car is routinely placed. Depending on the patrol’s location and the officer’s activity it may take half an hour, perhaps more, before a police officer arrives.

Many gated communities contract to have a security guard system in place. Night and day, security guards prevent crimes before they really start. Suspicious persons, persons who obviously do not live in the area — any of these catch the attention of a security guard. The individual may be stopped and questioned. A security guard by right of citizenship may initiate a “citizen’s arrest” and hold an individual until the arrival of the local authorities.

Businesses of all sizes can be a target for criminals. Without security guards, burglars often ignore alarms. They know that unless a police patrol is very close by, they have time to abscond with a good deal of merchandise.

Employee Theft & Embezzlement Defense

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Another threat that often goes completely unsuspected by the average person, is employee theft. It is hard to imagine that theft by store employees can attain the mind-blowing figure of $50 Billion dollars each year!

It should be obvious that the cost for reliable security guards is amply repaid by the savings in employee theft.

In one instance, employees working in a huge commissary often tried to exit carrying food such as pounds of butter inside their clothing. A security guard at the exit door had the responsibility of keeping a close eye on employees as the left the building.

Often after a few days of watching a suspicious individual, the guard would spot something. One employee was caught stealing eggs. When the guard patted the person’s distended stomach, an egg broke. Another had two pounds of butter beneath his sweater. The guard noticed the lump and upon checking, found the evidence.

Left to their devices, this company might have lost many thousands of dollars each year considering the cost of food products and sometimes kitchenware as well. In this same facility, butchers were caught taking home many pounds of beef, pork, and chicken.

Attacks by an Active Shooter

Security becomes much more serious even than the loss of $50 Billion dollars yearly. That’s when an active shooter escalates the crime to the threat of death to business owners, employees and customers.

Increasingly we hear of school shootings, shootings in malls and other churches; restaurants. 2018 has had most school shootings in our history.

Active Shooter Defense Services

Counter Threats with Mobile, AL Security Officers

As a part of active shooter defense training, patterns of past patterns of active shooter behavior have been studied, evaluated and included in the ongoing training that all security guards receive. This can be of enormous help in a tense situation where the advantage to the security personnel is greater than that of the active shooter despite his having a deadly weapon.

Where the shooter normally doesn’t know exactly what the security guard or anyone else will do, the security guard can at least have a little better insight into the entire situation and judge accordingly. In addition, security guards can alert local police and in code red conditions, a S.W.A.T. team will be dispatched.

Most of the time the shooter will be a lone male. Things can happen quickly in such a situation. In less than fifteen minutes the incident is usually over, but those fifteen minutes can seem like an hour and in the same fifteen minutes, many lives can be lost.

A security guard’s life may be one of those. Potential security guards, as well as the public, should be aware of the fact that the career of security guard included every much risk as that of a police officer or fireman. These sometimes thankless jobs are frequently considered only fit for elderly people or those who couldn’t quite make the police force.

People choose to enter into security work for a variety of reasons, but this can be every bit as demanding as any other type of enforcement. Security guards must sometimes confront shoplifters, store employees, break up fights in school or malls as well as many other duties that can turn against the guard in question. In many areas, security guards are assigned parking lot duty. At all times, but particularly when the holidays draw near, the lots are filled with eager shoppers. They’re also filled with eager car thieves. These perpetrators can pop trunks, rear door, and even hotwire your vehicle and take it away.

Car alarms are a useful tool, but thieves know they don’t have to panic because of a car alarm. These days, few people turn their heads at the sound of a car alarm. Even if someone does call the police, there’s still plenty of time to make away with the loot.

Properly Trained Mobile, AL Security Guards

Properly trained and armed security guards are Mobile, AL’s best defense against such assaults. While municipal law enforcement is necessary, their part in most of these incidents is in gathering what evidence they can, talking to survivors and, these days, checking video cameras. Most of the time, the shooter will commit suicide but that brings little comfort to survivors and loved ones.

Trained security guards in Mobile, AL are required to learn the “two exit” rule. Whenever they can, they identify two nearby exits. With practice this can become as habitual as tying shoes. This can be just as useful to members of the general public.

Who Needs Security Guards in Mobile, AL ?

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Strip Malls
  • Gated Communities’
  • Warehouses
  • Free Standing Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Night Clubs
  • Casinos
  • Events i.e. Concerts, Conventions, Gun Shows and other large groups
  • Movie Theaters

It’s important that citizens do their part in helping prevent crime.

In only six months the Mobile Police Department had 474 cases of auto theft. Most of there were facilitated by the driver leaving the keys in the vehicle while shopping or worse, even leaving the motor running.

Not all criminals carry or use deadly weapons. That doesn’t mean there’s no threat to anyone who interferes with their activities.

At such times, felons are desperate and may resort to anything including murder to escape capture by the Mobile, AL police.

Criminals have been known to carry knives, use screwdrivers, tire irons and anything else handy to protect themselves and make a getaway. At such times, felons are desperate and may resort to anything including murder to escape capture by the police.

Often gas stations and convenience stores in high crime areas employ the services of security guards, but not all.

If any citizen is concerned about lack of security guards at places they frequent, it is advisable to discuss this with the owner or manager. It may even be helpful to remind him/her that security guard protection is more than compensated by the deterrent that simply having a security guard present at all times. Peace of mind doesn’t have to break the bank.

What Sort of Security Guard is Needed?

It must be remembered that there’s no 100% guaranteed safety net available. Even a full-time armed bodyguard can be caught unaware.

But there are still many ways in which a Mobile, AL security guard is desirable as well as useful.

Aside from facing active shooters, security officers in Mobile, AL are desirable in residential as well as business settings They can dissuade possible burglars by their presence alone. Part of their service would involve questioning any unknown and/or suspicious characters who might come prowling around a secured area.

The type of Mobile, AL security guard desired depends greatly on the type of security. Trained and armed security guards offer the best protection in any circumstance, but even that can fail. In a recent case involving an active shooter incident, the security guard fell victim first because the shooter concealed his weapon until he was near the officer. Armed security guards, of course, cost more because of their extra training, equipment and the extra cost of insurance.

In many situations, an unarmed security guard may be adequate or even desirable. A gated apartment community might have a guard at the locked gate to admit tenants and/or guests.

In an area where there are many children, Mobile, AL security guards can keep them from too much mischief as well as protect them from contact with strangers who may be passing by.

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