Robbery & Theft Crimes Are Harshly Prosecuted in Texas

Being accused of theft is one thing, but being found guilty of such an offense can be a life changing event. Whether the offender is guilty or not, they deserve a fair defense from an experienced attorney. Why? There are a number of innocent people in jail, and a number others that chose to plea out on a charge for convenience and/or lack of a legal budget. However, thieves should be prosecuted. Whether you’re stealing candy, or attempting to steal an expensive automobile, like a Porsche, the consequences for persons convicted of any criminal offense related to stealing or theft will be stiff.

Robbery Cases & Texas Law

A serious felony offense, persons accused of robbery are better off if they contact an experienced attorney like Tad Nelson, only then will you have a chance at avoiding conviction. In Harris County, TX, with Houston being it’s largest city, the crime rate has been known to run rampant from time to time, making prosecutors damn near bloodthirsty in their pursuit for justice. Whether the evidence exists or not, they’ll pursue a conviction. A good theft crimes defense lawyer will be able to tell you the best way to handle your case.

The crime of robbery occurs when a person is forced to turn over their own goods, either by the leverage of threat, or the fear thereof, and this can leave you in jail for over 30 years. However, just because a person says you robbed them doesn’t mean they’re telling to the truth, or that can be trust to make a proper identification of the assailant.

Criminal Penalties for Houston, TX Robberies


If you’re convicted of a robbery, you’ll have a chance to immediately serve 20 years in a prison operation by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. These facilities aren’t a resort. They can be a living hell.


If you’re charged or enhanced to a criminal classification of an “Aggravated Robbery”, you’ll face punishment under 1 degree felony sentencing guidelines. This could result in a life sentence for the poor and unlucky bastard that’s unfortunate enough to get themselves caught up in such shit.

Seek Out Qualified Legal Representation Quickly

Whether you were arrested in Houston, Harris County, Baytown, Galveston, or anywhere in between, you’re up shit creek if the police charged your with robbery. The smartest thing you can do, not to assume that criminals are smart, is to contact a robbery defense lawyer with some skill defending the accused.

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