Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for a Theft Case

Lindsay Lohan, an actress, recently faced a judge on felony charges for theft in 2011. This came after the Venice Jewelry Stores surveillance system which caught her stealing a gold necklace valued at $2500. After the jewelry store appearance show, there were paparazzi photos that were taken showing Lindsay wearing the heisted necklace. She, however, pled guilty for the crime. Lohan was at this time being charged with felony grand theft and kept on probation for a DUI case.

You expect the penalty for this value to be stern. She was ultimately sentenced to only 120 days jail-term for the crime and another 120 days because of violating her probation. She was also allowed to serve both sentences concurrently. The Los Angeles County jail is so overcrowded and she would find herself serving only a part of that time. She was later put on 3 years’ probation and was ordered to attend a shoplifter’s offender program.

Not everyone is, however, such lucky. Stealing accusations can be heavily penalized. Whenever you are accused of such a crime, therefore, it is very important that you immediately see a representation through an experienced attorney. There are professional specialized theft charge defense lawyers that you can hire on your case.

Thieves; Frown Upon by Courts

Many judges will not have sympathy for thieves. If you have been accused of stealing while in a position of trust or power, they normally refer this as a breach of trust and relationship. You can be really hit hard by the court system through a significant bail or a long prison sentence. An experienced attorney will first help get the steps required ready to prepare to post bail or challenging the bail request.

Professional theft attorneys have a lot of experience in that field. You are not the first client they are representing with such charges. They regularly get cases like petty shoplifting, a case considered of sixth larceny degree to most serious cases which could even be first larceny degree. They rarely lack an active case dealing with theft. You case is actually never a surprise to them.

Theft attorneys have been trained and equipped with the necessary requirements to build a solid defense that you need. Where you have been charged with a theft related case, contacting a lawyer ought to be the first thing you should think of doing. It’s a way of ensuring your rights are protected and you get the best possible result.

Benefits of Legal Representation on Theft Cases

An attorney can take an early intervention through a prosecutor office. At times your case doesn’t have to go to trial. They can handle the case where you agree on settlement terms between the plaintiff and the defendant and the case is settled. They have the powers to request and be awarded office hearings as well as a D.A. diversion.

A theft attorney is your friend when in need. This is a time where not even your family wants to see you. No one wants to be associated with you especially the moment you are connected with such cases. A theft lawyer is indeed your friend and will stand by you until the end of the case. They will as well help you with the case damage control. The lawyer is therefore likely to be unbiased to your situation and will help giving you advice. Such a case is a great deal of stress upon your life. It’s a time when you need a real friend by your side.

A theft attorney has prior relations with the court personnel. Having been worked in the industry you might just get lucky being represented by one that has a good relationship the judge better. It looks better for you and might actually turn in your favor. Having a lawyer who is well liked in the courtroom is for your benefit.

As we wind up, every attorney needs to have analysis skills. Hiring a theft attorney for your case, help you as they will analyze your case, speak with you and even investigate your situation thoroughly comparing it to the law. They will give you an honest review of the situation, whether it’s a burglary case or simply a shoplifting incidence. They are therefore able to come up with the worst and best case scenarios, making you psychologically prepared for the worst as you hope for the best.

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